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February 11th, 2007

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03:59 pm - Hello potential future College Students!
I wanted to let you all know that I really hope you get in to the colleges to which you applied. That being said, the possibility exists that you won't. When I applied to college I was looking for a place that focused on how to learn over what to learn, had great books education including philosophy and an emphasis on the classics, and also a place that was a little wild and crazy. I found it when I applied to Reed College, but I got an exceptonally small letter back telling me I had been waitlisted. I realized that I had missed all the deadlines for other schools, and that I might not be able to go to college. Then my friend told me about Shimer College. When I discovered Shimer I saw everything I loved about Reed - minus the climate - and that they accept applications indefinatly.... The new class seems to be finished around a day before classes start. In the end I got in to Reed, but if I hadn't, i would surely have gone to Shimer.

Anyways I just thought you might want to know if you, like me, find yourself applying to college too late in the game or are looking for a really unique educational experiance.

Good luck!

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